Protein Banana Pancakes

I am a die-hard pancake lover. I prefer them to crepes and crave them on lazy Sundays. Sadly, my gym rat of a sister is on an all protein/low carb diet. In support of her valiant efforts to slim down on fat and bulk up on muscles I decided to try the famous banana protein pancakes that the internet has been all agog about.

This basically turned out to be a pretty good recipe. It required that I mash the banana with a fork, add a 1/4 tsp of  baking powder and mix in an egg.

I pureed the banana and just mixed it all with a dash of vanilla extract. The vanilla added that sweet sugary flavour to the batter. Now the batter itself is more eggs than bananas because the eggs are what gives them shape, holding them together.

Taste wise, the pancakes are decent  if you add a slab of butter and some maple syrup to them while they’re steaming  hot. They are of course banana flavoured and you can tell the texture is different than that of original pancakes. 

Nevertheless, they do make for a treat to anyone dieting and craving a sweet bite that is low on carbs and high in protein



Pottery Cooking




I have recently discovered a passion for the old and traditional ways our ancestors used to cook.I stumbled upon one of my grandmother’s old pottery ware the other day and fell irrevocably and utterly in love. It is just an old piece of pottery that has seen more wear and tear than any of my fancy Pyrexes and Cast iron skillets. I asked my mum about what it was like to cook with pottery and the story that followed amazed me.

Apparently pottery ware were not only used for cooking but had far many more uses. My grandmother’s mum and her mum before that used to make milk into yoghurt  in pottery pots. They used to also store the yoghurt in that same pot outside because pottery kept it chilled without the need for any refrigeration!

On and on the stories went until  I decided to try the pots myself. I used a spanish pot because it had a lid and made some heart warming chicken broth. The recipe is an old one but it turned out differently this time. The flavours were noticeably more pronounced and the water did not reduce the same way it would in a normal pot. I may be biased here but I fell in love with it.

For anyone that feels curious or is interested in trying out pottery cookware I’d say go ahead and do it. You will be awed.