The Blues

We all get the blues from time to time. They are those periods in which we sink low and deep into the nether worlds of existence. Our hopes and dreams seem so far out of reach and we feel like we are about to hit rock bottom. Just a silly period of time that might last no longer than a day, except we feel like it has been going on for a century. How do we fight the blues? Do we even want to fight them? The truth of the matter is that the blues are the grease of our happy existence. We are so obsessed with happiness and every single action we take is towards an eternal feeling of happiness. We eventually reach a stage where we have become numb with it. So much happiness overflows our lives to such a ridiculous extent. Ah but the blues are what makes it all balanced. They are the bitter medicine that makes happiness taste like the rarest of sweets. So do we really want to fight off the blues that are the essence of what makes life worth living?


5 responses

  1. Amen!
    Except that there is a difference between “the blues” and something that needs to be fought out of…a difference you must know of, Toots.

    • Yep and the difference is kinda HUGE, the blues are so fleeting. The pit that takes effort for us to rise out of is depression. Now that darling is the pit I am very closely acquainted with. That fight was gruesome.

  2. Biologically,you are right! Actually those moments of grief are the time when we are, scientifically proven ,to be more aware of our inner selves,compassionate with others,and most importantly smarter and more keen on making good decisions.
    Those moments are what make or break us!!! But I don’t quite agree that we have a lot of happy moments.Sometimes we live in between,sorta speak.

    • Ah the “happy” I mention includes all the ways in which we try and make ourselves just plain content and relaxed. No tension. No stress. No blues. Our constant quest for happiness stops us from enjoying the in-between periods of stagnant contentment. This quest creates a sense of enforced eternal happiness that we must all attain and live. I never said we actually live in happiness. I said that we seek it, we are obsessed by it, and are numb with it.

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