Winter Warmth

Even though it’s technically supposed to be the coldest of all seasons, except this time of year is one of the warmest. The winter chill either drives us scuttling under a quilt on the sofa with s steaming cup of coffee, or huddling together around the kitchen table with  bowls of soup. There is no denying that winter gives us a reason to bake just one more batch, it gives us the perfect excuse to scurry around the kitchen and whip up all sorts of winter treats for the family.

One of my favourite winter foods is roasted chestnuts. The whole family gets to spend time together while the chestnuts roast and are ready to be served. The mere act of waiting is a means of family bonding. It is a time out of life and , no distractions, a time for sitting back and relaxing with the ones you care for the most. The odors and tastes of the different recipes and foods that we enjoy, that is the smell of winter warmth. Warm meals around a table surrounded with beloved faces  that is what winter means to me.


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