Herbal Teas and Infusions

        The thing about herbal infusions is that they all seem to have very similar benefits, whenever we read about an infusion or an herb we get the same old information and very little stress on variation between different infusions. There are about a gazillion and more herbs that are relaxants and stress relievers but how do we know what to chose? I hope to dabble with herbal infusions and tisanes until I get a semblance of difference between the various relaxant, cold relieving and multi-healing  herbs that we are told to drink when we are sick or going through a rough patch. The results of my modes dabbling will hopefully be beneficial to many including myself.


4 responses

  1. It reminds me of what gran used to give us when we got the flu! Bugger but I do so hate the tisanes she made us drink!

    • When made the right way, tisanes are a great way to deal with unpleasant pain that seems just not quite sharp enough for you to grab a pain-killer. Your gran must have had some knowledge of the herbs she gave. The truth of the matter is there exists a balance that must be attained when making a tisane. Using random herbs does not work as we often think it might. Some herbs cancel or overpower each other and as such must never be mixed. Ignorance of what unbalances a tisane could be why you have such bad memories.

  2. Oh, have fun on your journey! After working with herbs for years, I am still astounded by how useful they are and how many options are out there for each of us. It is fun to find the perfect herb, the one that strikes a cord within a person and helps ease them into happiness and health.

    • I can understand how you feel. Here we are raised with the importance of herbs instilled in us. There are many different kinds, but the tricky part is actually matching the botanical name of the plant with the popular name attributed to it. One herb like marjoram has three different names. The field of herbs has not been fully explored even though we are supposedly famed for our herbal repertoire. I am honored to meet a veteran in this field and will hopefully meet with your approval with results of my quests in further exploring herbs.

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